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New listening experience to ASMR

In collaboration with Yamaha Design Lab, here is two simple, elegant and decorative kinetic instruments that can generate ASMR sounds with different materials to bring people joy, comfort and relaxation. Both instruments are using the concepts of stability and centre of gravity motion to create repeating gentle sound.

The first instrument, called “BALANCE”, is composed of a base and a balancing sound mechanism on top. There are two hollow wooden cylinders on opposite sides of the balancing rod that also functions as counterweights. Small plastic balls contained within these cylinders. With a tipping motion of the balancing rod the plastic balls scratch and rattle within the wooden cylinder to create a natural and harmonious sound.

The second one is call “SWING”, composed of a base and a hollow aluminium hoop that pivots on top. The hoop contains a small metal beads. When slightly swung, the beads will glide inside the hoop and produce a gentle trickling sound.